Eddy’s Cafe

Just around the corner from Aunty Pegs, and neighbour to numerous fashion wholesalers, lives a petite café in the industrial part of Collingwood. The owners, Gavin Eddy & his two sons Patrick & James, designed the site with a focus on geometric shapes. From the moment you walk in, your visual field is inundated with a range of tiles, from clean white subway tiles along the walls, hexagon tiles on the front counter, and a thin strip of black tiles along the wall counters.  A long slim communal table, with scattered stools, is cleverly positioned in the middle of the café, which made the area seem spacious and not cluttered.

I was fortunate enough to visit before the mad rush, and was able to have a chat with Patrick, chief barista behind the 2 group Linea. Patrick’s demeanour was as laid back as the cafes atmosphere, and there was not a skerrick of arrogance in his approach.  I quickly learnt that they serve a Coffee Supreme blend, which is made up of a South American beans. It was no surprise when my long black delivered a rich cup, with delightful chocolate biscuit like flavours.

Folks can enjoy their coffee with some flavoursome eats, which reminded me of a New York diner. Well at least the “Mac & Cheese” as a side option did. Breakfast includes the toast with preserves, smashed avo with feta and seeds, and scrambled eggs. The lunch menu has just as many comforting eats, such as Pulled Pork with Asian greens, The Cuban sandwich with slow cooked pork and pickles, and the Reuben Sandwich with Sauerkraut, pastrami, and Swiss cheese. They also do Bourbon Chicken with chipotle mayo on a brioche bun, which I’m told is a local favourite, and tradition Bread & Butter Pudding

FYI the light box that hangs at the back wall, was originally intended for external signage, but was removed due to size issues.

Eddy’s Cafe
124 Langridge St
Collingwood VIC 3066







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