Spilt Milk

I’ve never been one to cry over spilt milk, which is probably because I’m lactose intolerant. However, I have been known to frequent “Spilt Milk” in Carnegie. Since 2012, Spilt Milk has been a local favourite, that’s renowned for its affable service, and affordable meals. Initially, Jansen Domantay built a stainless reputation for this tiny spot with a huge heart. He passed on the baton to Nora Ji this year, who always dreamed of owning her own café. Since taking the reins at Spilt Milk, she’s maintained the cosy vibe this Neerim Road spot is renowned for. The décor is warm, with lots of timber, whitewashed brick walls, warm lighting, and comfy scatter cushions to soften the edges.

Nora has preserved Jansens original menu, which his sons helped develop, naming each dish after an animal. It was this personal features that us regulars all loved about Spilt Milk, so Nora appropriately thought, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Maintaining the fundamental nourishing menu, has allowed the local community to conserve their link with the venue. A sample of the menu includes the Zebra (Olive sourdough with onion jam, bacon, ricotta, and smashed avo); the Frog (Scrambled eggs with smashed avo, pesto, an truffle salt); the Cow (baked eggs with chorizo sausage, feta, and green beans);  The Barracuda (Tuna salad); and The Rhino (Baked jacket potato with chicken, avocado, sour cream, and chilli jam). Each dish ranges from $10 to $16, so the affordability factor is a huge drawcard.

Coffee is sourced from East Brunswick’s Padre Roastery, and they offer two espresso options, and also have a filter option for batch brew. I opted for the Daddy’s Girl blend, which is made up of Colombian and Indian beans. As a long black it had a rich body, and soft dairy milk chocolate flavours. My companion went for the Seasonal blend as a latte, and when I asked “How was your coffee”, the “wonderful; it tastes like malteasers” response was an indisputable indication that this chocoholic was satisfied.

Spilt Milk may have changed owners, but its charm has been conserved.


Spilt Milk
288 Neerim Rd
Carnegie VIC 3163








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