The Abbotsford Club, Coffee Supreme.

Sometimes you need to stop, and appreciate the simple things in life,  like sunshine and shorties. Mindfulness, coffee, and warm rays = happiness.

Today you’ll find me at ‘The Club’ ; The Abbotsford Club. The nerve center of Coffee Supreme Australia.

In my cup?

Honduras Guajiquiro.

The coffee in my espresso was grown under a coniferous forest in Guajiquirito, which sits at around 1625 meters above sea level. The producer, Dionicio Sanchez Cruz Mendoza, runs an eco-friendly farm, with organic fertiliser thats recycled from the pulp waste at the processing mill. This particular lot is a washed Catuai/Typica varietal, and produces a sweet cup, with hints of raspberry and stonefruit.

The Abbotsford Club
28-36 Grosvenor Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067




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