The Reformatory Caffeine Lab

It wouldn’t be a trip to Sydney, without a visit to the iconic Reformatory Caffeine Lab on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills. Fortunately for me, its mere walking distance from Central Train station, so getting there is never an issue. Apart from the bat cave like fitout with comic strip artwork; customer focused service; emphasis on presentation; and focus purely on serving the best coffee available; the extensive menu lists over 15 filter and espresso options. Yes, an array of single origin beans on any given day, many of which are Gesha’s, or have scored over 90 points (based on cupping standards set by the SCAA). But you would expect that from a fourth generation coffee farmer, who grow up on Colombian coffee. Literally. Let me just give you a taste of today’s menu: There are two blends for milk coffee, then there’s the Semeon Abay from the Ninety Plus Makers Series Costa Rican Santa Teresa Gesha Washed Kenyan Githonga Ninety Plus Panama Gesha Perci Ninety Plus Ethiopian Nekisse Red Costa Rican Santa Teresa Costa Rican Gesha Honduras Gesha Don Fabio El Salvador Supersonic natural Panama Hartmann Black Honey Costa Rican Herbazu El Llano Red Colombian La Hermosa Cup of Excellence (washed) Guatemalan Guayabo Winey Ethiopian Idado natural Ethiopian Leku Peaberry natural Rwandan Kanyege.   

No surprises that I went for the Semeon Abay by Ninety Plus. I first experienced this coffee a few years ago back in Melbourne, and being an Ethiopian natural coffee addict, to say it blew me away is an understatement. A carefully curated coffee by Semeon in at the Ninety Plus Ethiopia Gesha estate, this stellar lot is a juicy fruit bomb.  

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
7b/17-51 Foveaux St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010








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