South by Dukes

South By Duke.

When in Melbourne CBD, I always make time to visit Ross House by Dukes. Not just because of the coffee, or the gorgeous fit out for that matter; but I appreciate the simplicity in their menu, and well informed staff. More so, Dukes takes a sustainable and ethical approach, and are committed to sourcing exceptional coffee that permits both environmental and social sustainability. While their roastery is located in Collingwood, the Dukes family have expanded into Sydney this month, and have brought South by Dukes to Barangaroo. 

As with Dukes Ross House, the fit out here is such that coffee remains at the heart of South by Dukes. The extensive counter has ample space for brewing pour over coffee that’s both theatrical and educational, and the multiple La Marzocco Linea Pb espresso machines carefully extract both their seasonal blend, and a rotating single origin.

Its beautifully brewed coffee, in a beautifully curated space, with the addition of pastries, sweets, and nourishing snacks to go.

The current seasonal Spring Blend is a combination of the Honduras Ligia Torres, and the Guatemalan Las Mercedes. It makes for a clean balanced long black.  Exclusive to Sydney, they also have an organic, natural Honduras Maricela Aguilar on the menu, which is best described as a jammy cup, with sweet orange and almond notes.

South By Dukes

Tower One International Towers Sydney
Shipwright Walk/100 Barangaroo Avenue
Barangaroo NSW 2000







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