Little Hugh

Little Hugh is the second café for Rob Salha and Nick Panagopoulos, who also have Hutch & Co in Lilydale. The name Little Hugh was inspired by their first venues history. Here’s the story; Hutch & Co was named after the original owner of the building, Mr John Hutchinson, who ran one of Lilydale’s much loved general stores, and left a legacy in the area. His sons like was Hugh, so Rob and Nick thought it would only be appropriate to continue the lineage to their second café.

It’s surrounded by both an industrial and residential area, on a busy main road that has been desperate for a modern café, with a sleek fit out.  That’s exactly what Little Hugh delivers; thanks to Jean Pierre Biasol from Biasol Design Studio. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Jean Paul has designed a highly detailed space, with angled tessellated panels that hug the walls and ceiling, which are inspired by Delaunay triangulation.  A bold Teal colour is used to contrast the lime-washed birch walls and counter, and the banquet seats provide continuity with the teal theme.

Coffee is extracted via a teal coloured La Marzocco Linea classic, and their custom house blend is a 3 bean blend made up of beans from Kenya, PNG and Brazil. My long black had deep dark chocolate notes, with hints of roasted hazelnut. Filter coffee is also available, with single origin beans that rotate weekly.

The menu has some cleverly named options, like the “Yah Yah Yeah Mumble Jumble” salad with asparagus, kale, spinach, and quinoa tossed in a perilla dressing; the “Double Trouble” burger with two Angus beef patties; “Finger Licking Good” Crispy Korean fried chicken; and the “Feeling Fruity” Noisette fruit loaf with house made jam.

Little Hugh is open Monday to Friday, and has filled a void in an area that was overdue for its own carefully curated café, serving specialty coffee.


Little Hugh

150 Rooks Road

Nunawading VIC 3131
















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