Reformatory Lab Coffee

I’ve long been a fan of The Reformatory Caffeine Lab, and until now, I’ve had to fly to Sydney to experience their cracking menu, which usually features at least 15 espresso and filter single origin options (most of which are Gesha, and or coffee beans that score above 90 according to SCAA standards). This will all change, now that Reformatory have launched their online store.

In true Reformatory fashion, the site is set up like a comic book (Batman of course!), with artwork designed by Heesco, the same artist who did all the wall-art and custom graphics on the espresso machines at the Reformatory Caffeine Lab.  Each month will be a new edition, just like a comic book, and you can scroll through all the latest news from the Reformatory Lab HQ, and latest coffee offerings.

The online shop allows you to cherry-pick (Pardon the pun!) the origin you want your beans from; and whether you want a Honey, Natural, or Washed processed coffee. There are an array of beans to choose from, including the Ninety Plus Nekisse, Perci, Tchembe, and Neel; the Ethiopian Idado, Costa Rica La Trinidad, and El Salvador Supersonic. They even have a Merchandise page, and a list of coffee tasting events.

Distance is no longer a barrier. Thanks to, all the coffee I love and crave, is but a click away.
























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