Dosage is the six month old sister to The Foreigner in Ivanhoe. Owners Reiji and Semir opened their latest venue next to the lobby of a medical centre on Burwood Road, Burwood. That explains all the hypodermics creatively used in most dishes, as well as the test tubes filled with herbs on each table. The medical theme also inspired the venues name, and Dosage dispenses all caffeine in prescribed amounts Monday to Saturday.

The fit out was designed by the boys, and has a chemistry lab like set up, with the coffee bar against the side wall, where you can watch all your espresso is extracted via the La Marzocco Linea PB, not to mention the nitro  brew that flows through the bar taps. There are copper pipe features, hanging greenery, hexagon tiled walls, and an outdoor courtyard with lush green artificial grass.

Coffee is sourced from Industry Beans, with both the Fitzroy Street blend, as rotating single origin beans. The blend is composed of 40% Indonesian Wahana Estate, 40% Colombian Cauca, and 20% El Salvador San Cristobal Estate. As a long black, it’s sweet, with plum and chocolate tones. Single Origin of the day was a washed Kenyan, with huge citrus and currant notes.

The all-day menu is broken into Bagels, Jaffles, and Smashed selections. Smashed selections include the Avocado with mint & Danish feta on a spread of beetroot hummus, topped with a poached egg, Matcha spices and a chilli infused oil syringe. Bagel options include Yakiniku chicken with slaw and sesame seeds; and Smoked Salmon with chives, dill and cream cheese; while Jaffle fillings range from chicken and pesto, through to homemade baked red beans with Turkish sausage and Gruyere cheese. If you’re after something a little simpler, there’s the mac and cheese, or old school favourite, ham and cheese. They also have a “Special Experiments” menu, with Herby Israeli Couscous Salad, and the Grilled Chicken Parma & Mozzarella cheese jaffle with smoked ham.




140 Burwood highway

Burwood VIC 3125





















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