Grange Road Egg Shop

When I think of Toorak, I think of  wide streets lined with lush trees and palatial mansions, and the posh end of town. It’s not only Melbourne’s most prestigious suburb, but also home to its most expensive houses.
Toorak Village has long been famed for its fashion boutiques, fine dining, and glamorous beauty salons and hair stylists. On December 1st, it welcomed Grange Road Egg Shop, which brings a point of difference to the area. Housed in what once was Melbourne’s flamboyant society hairdresser, Lillian Franks Salon, the Grange Road Egg Shop is Adam Wilkinson’s third cafe offering to Melbourne.

The venue boasts just under 100 seats both inside and out, and is characterised by a pastel colour scheme, with an egg theme both on and off the menu. The tables are shaped like eggs, as are the Danish style drop chairs, which offer both a comforting embrace, and form that permits freedom of movement.

The menu by Aleksander Nitecki, has a contemporary theme, and feature dishes include the Crushed Avocado & Black Beans; Baghdad Eggs; Benedictto with corned beef; Sumac Pork with seared potatoes; and Wagyu Sliders with potato crisps.

Todays coffee of the day was an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Maker Fine. The Chelchele is a naturally processed lot, hence exhibits sweet berry nuances with candied lemon highlights. Milk based coffee is made from the Roast Craft Cadenza blend, which was bold with dark chocolate tones.

Grange Road Egg Shop

1 Grange Road

Toorak VIC 3142














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