Humble Rays

Humble Rays are having their soft opening this week, and I dropped by to see the much anticipated café. The pair behind this Bouverie Street spot, Gough Amontha and Sutinee (Tinee) Suntivatana, moved to Melbourne from Hobart, where they used to run Honey Badger cafe. They found a former motorcycle store that had a black interior, and totally revamped it, bringing light and vivacious rays. The vibrancy is both in the smiles on all the humble teams’ faces, as well as garlanded in the cafes décor. Tinee’s sister, Yuen, put her artful talent into action, and created the colourful wall art, while Tinee and Gough designed the space to exhibit a welcoming ambience. The fit out features polished concrete flooring, white tiled walls, and a sage blossom colour scheme that runs through the front and back dining area. The main coffee bar is embellished with pastel tiles, and there’s a striking gold sunburst mirror adds glamour to the room.  Another striking feature is the customised La Marzocco FB70, in a charming satin white and baby blue. It pumps out Axils Seasonal Espresso blend, which is composed of beans from Brazil Sertao, Costa Rica Aprocetu, and Colombia AsocampoIt. Its best described as balanced, with caramel and malt highlights, and a smooth body. They with also have Nitro brew on tap, which will surely please the crowds over summer.

The menu has a few delectable Asian inspired creations, which bring together sweet and savoury. Some stand out dishes include the Choc dipped Belgium waffles with coconut ice-cream and peanut butter caramel sauce; Hong Kong Egg Waffle with salted egg custard sauce and peanut praline; Sticky Beef brisket with double cheddar, smoked bacon jam, and Guinness onion chutney; and the Korean hot sauce chicken with sweet pickles daikon and leek salad in a charcoal bun.

The Humble rays shine brightly in Melbourne.


Humble Rays

71 Bouverie Street

Melbourne VIC 3053









































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