Barrel One Coffee Roasters Ethiopian Konga 

​It’s a known fact that I’m a huge supporter of Sydney coffee, so when the opportunity arises, I love sharing it with fellow coffee enthusiasts. Alan Chan has long been a fan of natural Ethiopian coffee, so when I get the odd stand-out offering, hes my first point of call to share it with. Personally, I find coffee tastes better when it’s experienced with someone who can appreciate it as much as you do. It also generates discussion, and there’s much to talk about in Melbourne when coffee is concerned. The constantly evolving industry means there is always something new to absorb.  So this morning, we saturated our palates with Barrel One Coffee Roasters Ethiopian Konga natural offering. 

Grown between 1900 to 2250 meters above sea level, this stunning lot had a vibrant berry aroma as it was brewed, which followed through into the cup. Its creamy body was paired with sweet pineapple tones, making for a smooth start to the morning. 

Thanks to Daniel and the team from Barrel One Coffee Roasters. Located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, these guys are dedicated to ethically sourcing quality beans. I admire roasters who support farmers co-ops, and Estates that are environmentally sustainable. In order for the industry to survive and thrive, there must be a healthy attitude towards the land, and its long term economic and environmental viability. With roasters like Barrel One, the future looks fruitful. 


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