Tukk & Co

It’s been over a year since my last visit to Tukk & Co, so a visit was on the cards. While I do enjoy traversing the streets of Melbourne in search of all the new cafés, it’s always important to visit the stand out venues that do coffee the justice it deserves. Tukk & Co is one such spot. With Sandy Guo at the helm, you will always be in safe hands. Don’t take my word for it, his 2nd place achievement at the 207 Southern Regional Brewers Cup competition is a pertinent indicator of the man’s dedication to brewing that perfect cup. Keep an eye out for his at the Nationals during the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in March 2017.

Tukk & Co is a split level café, concealed below the Medibank Building opposite Southern Cross Station. Tukk (pronounced Tuck) is a rather fitting name for a café that’s tucked away from the busy thoroughfare. Moreover, owner Max Li had a vision to bring a boutique tuckshop experience to the area.

As you walked through the automated glass sliding door, you find yourself in a well-designed space, with clean white walls, and a striking angular ceiling. The veneered front counter boasts a stylish White Synesso, 3 grinders, and a glass display cabinet filled with Doughboys Doughnuts, and pastries.  This upper level is predominantly standing room only, and well-proportioned to cater for passing office workers on their morning commute.

The lower level unearths an open kitchen and separate counter for those dining in. The space is much larger than its upper level counterpart, and offers blue framed timber stools, and cushioned bench seats that ran along the walls. The menu offers Vietnamese street food, Poke (pronounced poh-kay), Burgers, a selection of Curry dished, and cold soda noodles.

Coffee is roasted by Small Batch, and Wood & Co; with both espresso and filter options. Sandy has also developed a cascara, which he infuses with fresh watermelon and apple. A must on a hot summer’s day!

I opted for the Ethiopian Gelena as a long black. This fully washed lot had a delightful floral aroma, with candied lemon and prune notes.

Tukk & Co opens 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and is within walking distance from the Southern Cross train station if you are taking public transport.


Tukk & Co

720 Bourke Street

Docklands VIC 3008





















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