Black Flat

There are two things I love learning when visiting a café. The first is the meaning behind the name, the second is what drives owners to take the plunge into the coffee industry. Flat Black is one of those spots that makes sense, in every way. Firstly, it’s run by Jordan Harrick, a passionate barista and operator. She’s in it for all the right reasons, and her coffee proves it. I’ve been here a few times now, and on all occasions the coffee has been outstanding. This sort of consistency is not common in the outer suburbs, but with Black Flat, the team have been together since day dot, and they are all meticulous operators of the GB5. I could actually taste the Ethiopian component of the seasonal Axil blend; which speaks volumes to their ability to work the beans as they were intended.

Secondly, Black Flat is not a reference to black coffee or flat whites; but it’s the former name of Glen Waverley. Being a local, Jordan wanted to keep a historical link to this corner spot opposite Glen Waverley train station. Having done her research, Jordan discovered that what the area was first settled in the 19th century, it was full of orchids, and the soil was a deep black colour. It was not until 1921 that it was renamed Glen Waverley. I do appreciate a cafe that pays respect to its historic roots, and it seems the richness of Flat Blacks historic context, matches the richness in my cup.

The limited space is made up in spades with service. Head barista Jason greeted me with a smile that brightened the room, and Jordan politely took my order, and even took the time to have a chat.  Next year will see them enter their third year of operations, and without doubt they will continue to caffeinate commuters daily from 6am.

The current espresso blend is composed of 40% natural Brazilian Sertao, 20% washed El Salvadorian San Emilio, 20% washed Ethiopian Chelchele, and 20% Colombian El Tambo. It works a treat as a long black, with a silky body, and sweet honey highlights.  They also have cold drip, and batch brew available, with rotating single origin beans.

If you need a quick bite, they have a selection of pastries, as well as bagels with fillings that include smoked salmon, pastrami, and mascarpone cream on a blueberry bagel for those with a sweet tooth.


Black Flat

Shop 6 39-51 Kingsway

Glen Waverley VIC 3150










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