MOM (Market on Malvern) is a new café that focuses on wellbeing, and sees food as medicine. The venue itself is linked to a fully functioning integrative medicine practice, so wellbeing is central to their existence.

MOM endorses the belief that there is a connection between body and mind, and what you eat influences both. The menu is designed to nourish the body and soul, and loaded with organic foods. They cater for every palate, as well as folks with intolerances and gut issues, and vegans. Whether you are on a gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, or low FODMAP diet; MOM’s got you covered.

Meals are designed to either boost the immune system, increase energy, reduce stress, improve digestion, or encourage healthy sleep behaviour.   There are a range of bowls and smoothies, with ingredients like coconut milk, tapioca, sesame, turmeric, acai, kale, flax seeds, and fresh fruit. Other healthful options include Lemon Coconut yoghurt and sprout dip with teff crackers; the gluten and dairy free Red Velvet pancakes with coconut yoghurt and chocolate date syrup; Silverbeet, pumpkin and quinoa ‘Dolmades; with tahini  yogurt; and Caramelised sweet potato with avocado and hemp protein hummus, with cabbage slaw. They also have premade take home meals.

Allpress coffee is extracted through a pearl La Marzocco FB80, and delivers a full bodied cup that’s sure to wake the senses. In life with their healthful mantra, the coffee machine uses triple filtered reverse osmosis water.



388 Malvern Road,

Prahran VIC 3181


















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