Slayer Steam

Slayer Steam is set to revolutionise the way milk is steamed, to produce the ideal flavour. A fundamental feature of the machine is the Vaporizer, which is described as an inline super-heater that converts standard steam into an invisible vapour. The vaporizer reduces the amount of water in the steam system, and heats the steam to 163º  C ( 325º F) and higher,  which changes the milk on a molecular level. This means the sugar and proteins in the milk are converted into more complex chains via Maillard reaction. How does this effect your coffee? Well, it’s a next level creaminess and sweetness experience.

The Steam has a Barista Dashboard, which allows you to configure the settings for each wand, including the temperature and flow rate for milk type. The Dashboard also provides quick access to a shot timer, and all essential parameters. If you really want to get into the technical side of things, the machine features Accu-Flow actuators that permit consistency and speed of steam slow.

But its not just about milk. As with all Slayer Espresso machines, the Slayer steam features the classic 9-bar extraction, that includes semi-automatic, and a volumetric operation with 2 programmable doses per group-head

A few other impressive features are the sturdy Dura-Tex handles on the portafilters, actuators, and cup rails; and automatic shot lights that signal the beginning and end of extraction.

Aesthetically, wing channels keep wires and hoses concealed, so it’s a sight to behold upon a coffee bar, especially those chrome wings against the black chassis, whivh were hand moulded with clay during the design phase.

This Slayer Steam is the Galaxy Black version, but I will soon be able to see the Blue version at Pedros sister café. Watch this space!



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