Little by Little


There’s an old Tanzanian proverb, ‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’. No truer words can be spoken of Little by Little in Berwick, a café nestled beside a busy train station in this outer south eastern suburb. Ryan and Bret opened this charming spot back in 2015, and have gradually turned it into a local favourite. It’s housed in a 19th century weatherboard workers cottage, which was previously a nursery. I instantly felt as though this stand-alone building had a soul of its own the moment I walked through the French doors at the front entrance. Inside are fresh white walls white tiled counter area, exposed roof trusses that create a sense of strength, and decorative fluorescent Plumen bulbs that create a sense of style as well as warmth. There’s even a sun soaked outdoor area adorned with bright sunflowers, and dining along the back veranda. Little by Little radiates a genuine homely feel, which took me back to my childhood days of visiting family on their farmhouse in North East Victoria.

Coffee is sourced from Five Senses, with both a rotating single origin offering for filter and espresso, and the Dark Horse blend for all milk based coffee. The Dark Horse blend is composed of beans from Colombia (Popayan Cincuenta), Nicaragua (La Florencia), and Indonesian (Tiga Raja). It had a full body, with dark chocolate notes. The single origin of the day was a pulped natural Brazilian, from the Alice Estate in the region of Carmo de Minas. This yellow bourbon varietal delivered a smooth cup, with Toblerone like flavours. It went down well with a Butterbing cookie

The all-day breakfast menu caters for vegans, and folks with food intolerances like myself, without compromising on flavour or creativity. There’s a mango smoothie bowl with colourful fresh fruit and granola; Deep fried potato croquettes with maple bacon and poached eggs; an artfully presented chocolate fondant served with lemon curd and peanut butter cream; and a Mushroom trio of Enoki, field, and oyster mushrooms, that are infused with truffle oil, and served with a potato galette. Now, to really set them apart from every other café in Melbourne, they serve their smashed avocado in a jar, which is topped with nuts and whipped goats cheese, and presented neatly with two slices of sourdough toast. The attention to detail in every dish, is a true reflection of the thoroughness of Little by Little. The warm generated by the aesthetic qualities of the venue, is similarly pronounced in the attitude of staff, and richness of the coffee in my cup. Little by little, the team have crafted an alluring café 40 kilometres out of Melbourne; and step by step, have carved their name into the café culture of this wonderful city.


Little by Little

2-10 Reserve St

Berwick VIC 3806

















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  1. This was almost mean. I really want that cup and cookie.


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