Concealed in the backstreets of Mornington, is an unassuming cafe, going abouts business with old school principles. There’s nothing fancy about Flock, it appears from the outside, as any other beachside cafe with outdoor dining, and large yellow awnings. It does have the locals flocking, at a laid back pace of course; who seem to all congregate in the sun sipping lattes within the tranquil surrounds. Its old school because the service here is genuinely customer focused, and it does have that relaxed summer vibe, without the haste of a city cafe at peak hour. The venue is furnished with recycled furniture, as well as the odd vintage coffee device. The table I sat at was a reclaimed glass panelled wrought iron door, which made for a unique backdrop for my espresso shot.

The menu offers some traditional aussie brekky items with a modern spin. Think Vegemite and cheese on toast with fresh avo, Egg and Bacon Jaffles with tomato relish, and Peanut butter and Jam crumpets topped with fresh berries. They also have a selected of hand made baked good; and Kombucha for the health fiend.

Coffee is sourced locally from Commonfolk, with a house blend for milk based espresso, and rotating single origin beans for both black coffee. I opted for an espresso made using the Nicaraguan Las Marias. This honey processed caturra varietal was grown at around 1200 meters above sea level, in the Dipilto region. Being honey processed, it had exceptional sweetness, with stewed apricot notes, and a big creamy body. Aeropres and cold drip is also available.


2/25 Dava Drive

Mornington VIC 3931





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