Gold Drops

Introducing Gold Drops; the latest coffee bar in Melbourne that’s set to change the way people see naturally processed coffee.

This petite city space was designed by Gordana Tankosic, of Every Detail Interiors, who was inspired by the espresso bar culture in both Rome and Melbourne’s Little Collins Street. It combines both an elegant marble counter top, with soft timber tones, and stool seating only in an effort to make the most of the narrow space. Being limited in space, this polished stand up espresso bar permits positive engagement between the barista and consumer, which is exactly what a cafe built around a humble concept of sharing naturally processed coffee requires.  It wasn’t hard to win me over, being a self-proclaimed fan of natural coffee. Gold Drop doesn’t overwhelm the senses, it indulges them. The menu is simple; black coffee, white coffee, and 4 outstanding teas sourced from the Australian Tea Masters. If you’re peckish, there are a selection of pretty macarons, and Italian biscuits


So, to the coffee. They showcase a different natural/dry processed offering weekly; as well as a standard house blend for milk based espresso drinkers. In simple terms, naturally processed coffee are beans that have been sundried inside the cherries fruit, rather than after the fruit is removed. The bean draws in all the sweetness from the sticky juices of the cherry, mucilage, and parchment layers.  Such coffee has more fruit notes, with more body and less acidity. The coffee I had as a long black was a Sidamo natural, from the renowned Guji Zone, which had a stunning vibrancy, with sweet berry layers, and hints of chocolate.

Now to the tea. All their steeping teas have been handpicked by the Australian Tea Masters, and the menu features Lapsang Souchong, Shangrila gold, Yellow Buds, and Jasmine Pearl.  I tried the yellow buds, which is a rare yellow tea that had a delicate sweetness, and was so easy to drink. I also tried the Lapsang Souchong, which is a black tea from China, famed for its smoky aroma and flavour. This is the type of tea you can sit with for an extended period, much like one would do with a single malt scotch. The glory of Gold Drops is, you can sit at the bar and watch the barista brew your selection, and ask as many questions as you like. Well, that’s what I usually do anyway, and the charming staff were ever so generous with their knowledge. This is a feature of Melbourne’s coffee scene that I adore; the communal aspect. The willingness of like-minded folks to come together, over a shared love for coffee/tea. It’s the appreciation of the finer things in life, and each other’s company.

The colour gold has long been associated with luxury and quality, as well as value and elegance; which is what you will get at Gold Drop. It’s great coffee done well.



Gold Drops

183 Little Collins St

Melbourne VIC 3000


















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