Coe & Coe


Coe & Coe is the second café for brothers Damian and Nathan. I first met the boys at their Port Melbourne’s spot, Rocco & Coe, which is in the same building as the internationally renowned Skate/Surf/Street brand Globe, and Uncle Rocco’s Barber shop.  Coe & Coe opened last year, and is burrowed in an industrial area of Cremorne; surrounded by warehouses. While the menu and service approach is a mirror image of Rocco & Coe, this funky little spot has a different feel, with more space, and a makeshift basketball court out front. There’s street art along the walls by Lush, where both Trump and the Kardashians feature.  A large roller door opens each morning at 7am, revealing its exposed red brick walls, industrial pendant lights, timber clad counter, and a custom La Marzocco Linea PB extracting Allpress coffee. They also have a loyalty program that is quite unique. Rather than the usual loyalty cards and eCoffeeCard Apps, the team here take a Polaroid of you, and hang it from the counter with all their other loyal customers. If that doesn’t personalise the experience enough, then the service will. I had the pleasure of meeting Ezekiel and Michael, who both were exceptionally amicable, and made the effort to have a chat despite being busy setting up for the day.
The menu offers a range of light rye Panini, which are exclusively baked for the cafe, and filled with delicious ingredients. Think Avocado, Spicy Tuna, Chicken, Prosciutto & bocconcini. Freshly squeezed juice is also available, and a basket filled with shiny apples, lemons, and oranges sits upon the front counter, awaiting the big crush. They also have a monthly specials menu, and December’s special is the Duck Dynasty Panini with Smoked Duck and Kewpie Mayo; and the Brekkie Panini with egg, bacon, and potato frittata. They also have a Purple Rain Smoothie, with blueberries, granola, organic protein, dates, and banana.
Their house blend is the Full City blend from Allpress, and it delivered a rich long black, with spice notes on the finish.

What impressed me most about Coe & Coe, was the Buy 1 Give 1 Program they are part of. The program began as a simple concept, and has had wonderful outcomes for many Ethiopians.

Each Coffee, Juice, and Panini sold, life-saving clean drinking water and grain seeds are given to families to help grow nourishing and sustainable crops. This will continue into the future, so here’s to drinking another coffee, and bettering the lives of those in need.


Coe & Coe

25 Stephenson Street

Cremorne VIC 3121
















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