Mansfield Coffee Merchant microlot

I’m a big supporter of Australian roasters, no matter how far they are from Melbourne. The latest roaster I have sampled coffee from is Mansfield Coffee Merchant, which is owned by Mat Picone. For those not familiar with Victoria geographically, Mansfield is located 180 kilometres north east of Melbourne, just at the foothills of the Victorian Alps. The head roaster at Mansfield Coffee Merchant is Gareth MacDonald, and he trained under Mat, and has been roasting on a 15kg Roastmax. They recently purchased a Honduras microlot that is part of ‘Project 121’, a joint initiative between Cooperative Cafetelera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL), a Fairtrade cooperative located in western Honduras, and green bean importer Bennetts. The project basically connects roasters with farmers, and allows full traceability.

This stunning lot is from the region of Copan, and produced by Jesus Romero Beteta at the El Relampago farm. He also grows mangos, bananas, and citrus trees among over plants in the area. Only 115 bags of Caturra cherries were produced, which are fully washed and dried in a solar driers.  The coffee pulp is then used as fertilizer on the farm.

Sampling this coffee was sheer delight. Its both sweet and clean, with delicious red apple notes as a pour over.

I also enjoyed a grade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere roasted by Mansfield Coffee Merchants. Being an Ethiopian coffee addict, it was pure indulgence. It had that distinctive washed Yirgacheffe profile; a clean light body, floral aroma, with peach and citrus tones.







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