The Abbotsford Club

The Abbotsford Club is home to Coffee Supreme in Melbourne, and is situated in an industrial part of town. It’s just down from the renowned Carlton & United Brewery, and surrounded by warehouses and newly developed apartments. If you’re visiting for the first time, just look for the red and white awning and outdoor courtyard, as you drive down Grosvenor Street. The café is at the front left-hand side of the roastery, and has an industrial theme that reflects the warehouse style it’s housed in. The shelves along the wall are lined with coffee brewing gear, such as the Chemex and Moccamaster, and there’s a large communal table that takes up most the space, which is made from timber salvaged from a Northcote bowling alley. A menu on the wall lists the filter and espresso options available for that day, and there’s usually a batch of filter coffee to sample while you wait. It’s all about the coffee here, and showcasing what’s in season, so food choices are limited to premade sandwiches, toasties, and sweets.

What I like about the Abbotsford Club is the depth of knowledge of staff, and their unpretentious attitude.  You can confidently ask questions, and staff are usually happy to show you how brewing devices work.

I went for an iced long black, which was made using the Honduras El Ocotillo. This washed red Catuai was produced by Jose Orlando Ramirez, in Intibuca. It boasts sweet plum and honey notes, with a full body.

I also enjoyed a filter brew, made using a unique Rwandan lot from Mahembe. This washed bourbon was grown at around 1900 meters above sea level, and as a filter coffee, it’s both juicy and light, with cherry and nutmeg like tones.


The Abbotsford Club

28-36 Grosvenor Street

Abbotsford VIC 3067










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