Every time I make the trek out to Northcote, I always stop by Barry. On this visit, I arrived in time to grab a seat before the crowds rushed in. As always, the atmosphere was full of energy. The venue is large enough to contain such large crowds, and not become overly noisy.
Six months ago, the original owners of this venue sold, and it’s now run by siblings Steve and Ann. They aren’t new to hospitality, having been in the industry since 1977. While the owners may have changed, the venue itself hasn’t. They’ve kept the rustic feel, which designed by the team at Techne Architects. They venue maintains the buildings original structural features, while also creating a fresh uncluttered feel via neat storage shelves and timber crates. The café boasts white washed walls, potted plants, and spindle back chairs. In always enamoured by the elongated coffee bar, and eagerly position myself at the end of it so I can witness all the action behind the Black Synesso. It’s an experience I truly revere at cafes; as the order dockets bank up, you’re permitted the opportunity to see a barista in their element. It was fast paced, but the standards didn’t drop. These guys must thrive on pressure, both within the espresso machine, and external to it.

My coffee was an outstanding Panama Coralia from Five Senses. This Caturra/Catuai is naturally processed at the Hartmann Family Estate, a famed family farm run by five siblings in the Santa Clara region. As a short black, this coffee was a fruit punch, loaded with passionfruit and raspberry jam highlights.

As I sipped on my coffee, I noticed all the foodies tucking into their breakfast, but not before photographing it of course! The meals came out like works of art. Upon inspecting the menu, I soon realised why Barry is so popular. The menu is jam packed with superfoods, and eating healthfully is fashionable here. My Naturopath would love it!  Think Californian superfood salads, and raw burrito bowls with spiced cauliflower rice for lunch. Breakfast options are in line with current trendy dishes, such as crushed avocado with cottage cheese on soft herb & chart grilled rye; Ricotta hotcakes with grilled pineapple compote; and scrambled red chilli eggs with bacon.

Open 7 days a week, Barry continues to draw the crowds to High Street Northcote.



85 High Street

Northcote VIC 3070












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