Third Wave Water x Hartmann Estate

Third Wave Water.

While in Sydney, I’ll be brewing with Third Wave Water, thanks to the fine folks of Barista Group. These Specialty Coffee Professionals are aligned with reputable products and engineers, such as Über Milk and Titus Grinding, who work tirelessly developing and testing products that allow baristas to get the best out of their coffee. I’m eager to see how Third Wave Water can transform the way I brew coffee at home. Considering my daily cup of coffee is 98% water, it would be remiss of me to overlook water quality. Third Wave Water is based on standards set by the SCAA, and essentially ‘re-mineralises’ water with the ideal balance of calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

I’m all for getting the best out of my coffee, especially when it’s a Panama Hartmann Estate Black Winey Processed lot roasted by Reformatory. This coffee is known for its super sweetness, and punchy tropical and blueberry notes.






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