Socratic Coffee

“Wisdom begins in wonder”.

Socrates knew all along, the importance of a curious mind, and believed that one could never underestimate the value of questioning and careful reasoning. Similarly, Socratic Coffee is dedicated to answering all the important questions in the ever growing coffee community. If you have not come across them already, Joe and Jeremy are the brains behind Socratic Coffee. Rather serendipitously, they crossed paths several years ago while both searching for answers to their shared issues with certain coffee equipment. Since then, they have been on an exploratory journey, and have taken the coffee community along with them. Together they systematically explore the ins and outs of all matters related to coffee; from espresso machines, right down to particle size. Investigations are meticulously designed using experimental techniques, and then analysed by way of statistical models. Jeremy and Joe go as far as blind testing to ensure reliability, and reduce experimental flaws. Detailed reports are then provided, with objective interpretations of results. Being a former Psychology student, I know too well the time consuming nature of such research, and statistical analysis, hence my appreciation and admiration for Socratic Coffee. Essentially, their quest to further their own knowledge, has real world application, and rippling beneficial effects for the community as a whole.

With Joe located in Sydney, I was able to visit the Coffee Lab where all the experiments occur. Yes, it was one of those awe inspiring moments. I was able to see firsthand how investigations are performed, such as grinder comparisons, shower screen tests, machine water flow rate analysis, and the impact of agitation on extraction (just to name a few).

If you are interested in following up on any past research, it might be an idea to check out their blog, where you will discover full write ups for previous studies ( ), but you can keep up with their latest tests and analysis at @socraticcoffee on Instagram.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but its given life to this dedicated team of researchers and coffee professionals, asking the all-important questions.















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