Disciple Coffee Roasters

​They say each day comes bearing its own gifts. Such is the case today.

While visiting Monk Bodhi Dharma for a coffee on this sunny Labour Day Holiday, I had the pleasure of catching up with owner/roaster/absolute gentleman, Marwin Shaw. As many may know, their coffee roasting arm has recently rebranded, and they are now known as Disciple Coffee Roasters . I have long admired Marwins ethos, and the fact that he focuses purely on fresh crop and high calibre beans. 

As I was leaving, I happened to mention I was going to spend the afternoon perfecting my art of brewing with Third Wave Water; and in true Marwin Shaw fashion, he gifted me a bag of 90+ Hachira. Much like many Melbourne roasters, Marwin is well aware of my obsession with naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. This is a classic example of why I adore the fruits of this region, and processing method. I’m about to indulge my palate in a juicy brew, with divine berry tones, and toffee sweetness.

Apart from the fact the Hachira is a coffee I love dearly, brewing this coffee will truly be a moment I’ll savour, because it was gifted by someone I hold in such high esteem. This experience reminds me of one of my favourite quotes, “How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!”

Today is beautiful on so many levels. Thank you Marwin.  
 Disciple Coffee Roasters

Website:  www.discipleroasters.com.au

instagram : @Discipleroasters


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