Barista qualities

​How many of you have your coffee made by a barista who knows your name?

If you’re a barista, how much effort do you put into remembering a customer’s name?

Ive long been a believer in the importance of remembering people’s names, especially in work settings. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I get asked for tips by people who want to step up their game as a barista. I leave all the technical and scientific side to brewing coffee to the experts in the field, such as Socratic Coffee, Matt Perger, James Hoffman, and other coffee professionals who have spent countless hours researching the area. Instead, I focus on the human element. Having a background in psychology, and being human like everyone else who drinks coffee, I know too well the importance of engaging with others. We are social creatures after all. No man is an island, right? We thrive on interactions, and we grow together. I have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations over the years, and one thing I have always found comforting, is walking into a café and being greeted by my name. It validates my existence. It creates a sense of belonging. It reminds me that I am a person, and not just a $4.00 sale. Many Baristas around Melbourne will have heard me impress upon them the importance of smiling as you greet your customer, if it’s a first encounter. Not every person who walks through your door has a family or strong social circle like you may have. You may be the only person to smile at them all day. Never underestimate the effect your interactions with another person may have on their lives. It costs nothing, and takes little effort to smile and show interest in a person. As a barista, you have that ability to capture a person’s attention, and engage with them. Welcoming people is showing generosity, and in return, you grow as a person.  



One thought on “Barista qualities

  1. Totally agree! How many times have I been to a cafe only because the Barista remembers my name so I rather spend my $4 with a cafe that cares just a little even if their coffee isn’t quite perfect!


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