Jibbi Little’s Brazilian Milanez Lacerda.

​Baristas play an important role in bringing together the hard work farmers do growing and processing their crops, and the meticulous lengths roasters go to in order to bring out the inherent goodness from the beans. One simple mistake can turn great beans into a rubbish coffee. I admire the pressure baristas work under, and their ability to work with a wide range of brew methods, coffee beans, and some pretty strange orders at times. Yes, it is their job, but you have to have a genuine passion for coffee to go far in this industry. So when I see that passion, I tend to put the spotlight on them. Jibbi Little has been on my radar for several years now, having seen her compete in Australian National Latte Art Competitions, and read about her reign as NSW Latte Art champion for the past 3 years. While I am not into the whole latte art craze (Being a black coffee drinker), I was rather intrigued when I discovered this internationally renowned barista / coffee consultant had expanded into roasting. It prompted me to learn more about this Sydney based Q-grader, who also runs her own barista training programs.  

In true Tess Presso fashion, I tracked down a sample of Jibbi’s most recent roast, and put it to the test.

Brazilian Milanez Lacerda

This naturally processed Nano lot is from Serra do Caparaó. It’s not your average naturally processed coffee. Jhone Milanes Lacerda and 3 Brothers Coffee collaborated to run extensive testing of a natural controlled fermentation method recently. This is basically a slow natural processing method.  The result is a unique Brazilian coffee. So much so, if I cupped it blindly, I would never have guessed it was from Brazil. Brewed using a v60 pour over, this coffee had some amazingly complex tropical flavours. Cheers to the barista, roaster, and farmers. All of whom contributed to this morning’s moment of caffeinated bliss.  



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