Plug Nickel x Ona Coffee 

If you’re looking for Ona Coffee in Melbourne, then you can’t look past Collingwood’s Plug Nickel.

Having family in the ACT means I travel to Canberra on a regular basis, hence I am au fait with Ona Coffee. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder Sasa Sestic, back in 2012, and have had nothing but the utmost respect for this man since. Aside from his World Barista Championship win in 2015, what I admire about Sasa is his dedication not only to sourcing quality beans, but the effort he puts into establishing and maintaining relationships with farmers, and justly paying them a premium for the fruits of their labours.

He proves that every coffee growing region has potential. All they need is support. It is a communal attitude that emphasises sustainability and one which is aligned with my principles and way of life.

Plug Nickel serve the Raspberry Candy blend that was inspired by the coffee Sasa used at the 2015 World Barista Championships. It’s composed of 80% naturally processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Areka), and 20% washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Leku).

Aptly named, the Raspberry Candy blend is an absolute gem, loaded with rich red fruit notes. It has an intense aroma that fully entrances me as it permeates the air.

Plug Nickel

7 Peel St

Collingwood VIC 3066


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