Collective Espresso


They say “individual actions collectively make a difference”. The combined actions of the team at this Camberwell spot, makes a huge difference to the café culture in the area. Previously owned by Julian Moussi .… The Undercover roasters took over the reins last year, and have brought their coffee with them. The layout remains the same, with an extended communal table occupying half the venue, with the kitchen and coffee bar opposite. Nathan was behind the custom La Marzocco Linea PB this morning, weighing all shots, and mastering his latte art skills as the queue began to grow. You know a café is doing something right, when locals are flocking first thing in the morning, and have a quick chat with staff while waiting. There’s a community vibe at Collective Espresso, which is fitting for a café with such a name.

I sat in the front window watching commuters racing to and from Camberwell station across the road, and sipped on a well extracted Long Black. All black coffee is made using Maker Fine Coffee beans – today’s single origin was from Burundi. Staff delivered my cup with both a palate cleanser, and a coffee card which said where my beans were sourced from, and the sensations in store for my palate. The Burundi Yandaro is from a city in Northern Burundi named Kayanza. It’s said that over 440 farmers in the area deliver their beans to the Yandaro washing station, where they are sorted and processed. This washed Red Bourbon delivered a bright cup, with brown sugar sweetness, and soft fig tones, triggering memories of biting into the figs grown on the colossal tree in my backyard.

If you are coming in for breakfast or lunch, then the Herb crumbed mushrooms on English muffins looked divine, as did the Double beef/ double cheese burger with truffle aioli and bacon. Nice to see they also cater for vegans, with a Chickpea and potato burger on a Matcha bun, with sweet potato chips.

It truly is a collective effort at this leafy eastern suburb café. The “meet me here” tiles at the front entrance are as Instagrammable as Nathans impression latte art.


Collective Espresso

1/3 Cookson St

Camberwell VIC 3124









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  1. Great article and great photos. Thank you!


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