Short Straw

Here’s the long and the short of it.

Short Straw.

This trendy Hawthorn café changed ownership last year, and consequently saw a few changes made over the Christmas break. They certainly didn’t draw the short straw with this popular little spot hidden away from the hectic Glenferrie Road drag. It’s almost like stepping into a world unto itself. As you walk up the tree lined street, a small lightbox protruding from the building signals you have arrived at this unassuming café.  Inside is a light filled sanctuary with potted plants suspended from exposed ceiling trusses, and a white washed red brick wall feature – creating that special rustic charm.

Since my last visit, they’ve moved the coffee bar to the window side of the building, creating a better work flow. It allowed me to watch the young barista perfect her craft. I watched as she smoothly drifted – to and fro – the La Marzocco Linea PB, weighing the dose of every shot on an Ohaus scale. This was a nod to the new owner’s stance on quality. The menu did say they were passionate about coffee…. Obviously they are passionate about consistent coffee.  Beans are roasted by Undercover Roasters in Bendigo, who work on a 60kg Joper, as well as a 5kg Probat. Milk coffee is made from their blend, while black coffee is made using the single origin of the day. An Ecuadorian was on the menu today.

It sure has been a while since I last made a coffee from this South American country which borders Colombia.

This washed lot – was a mixed varietal (Typica/Caturra /Bourbon) from the Zamora Chinchipe Province. As a long black, it had a medium body, with honey biscuit tones, and slight hints of orange.

Perusing the menu, I noticed they offered some health focused modern ‘Melbourne style’ options, such as Coconut Kasoundi baked beans with minted yoghurt; Poached mushrooms on super seed loaf; and Persian beef with ancient grain salad.

Come to absorb the atmosphere, within the clean white walls that serve as a fresh backdrop against which lush greenery thrives.

Short Straw

743B Glenferrie Rd

Hawthorn VIC 3122











1 thought on “Short Straw

  1. Look very cool! How was the service?


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