Equilibrium Master Roasters 

Daylight Savings & MICE 2017 may have ended, but the coffee-ing and networking with fellow enthusiasts hasn’t. Thanks to Anne Cooper of Equilibrium Master Roasters & Lisa Feeley of the Collingwood Coffee College, I was fortunate to attend an enjoyable and thought provoking workshop at Aunty Pegs today. Not only did I have the chance to meet some of Australia’s up and coming & well established roasters, but I was also given the opportunity to hear some firsthand experience from farmers and industry researchers. What I learnt was invaluable, and opened my eyes to a world of roasting I have only just started scratching the surface of.

I’ve been cupping coffee for years now, but I have never really stopped to consider whether each roasting system, be it the Probat, Loring, Geisen, Joper, Diedrich, Brambati, Has Garanti, Roastmax, Proaster (to name just a few), effect a coffees taste.  Today I was able to gain a greater appreciation of just how much goes into roasting, and acquired some insight into the anatomy of a roast profile.

Who better to guide this novice through the journey, than the incredibly skilled and ever so approachable, Anne Cooper. Without doubt, Anne would have to be one of the friendliest, and accomplished professionals in the coffee industry. From the people that I met today, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. It may be her genuine personality, or my ability to just read people, but I’m convinced she gets as much out of seeing others grow and develop, as they do from her guidance and training. Whether you are starting out in the roasting game, or are a veteran roaster looking to expand your horizons, I would strongly encourage you connect with Anne- that’s if you’ve been living under a rock and already haven’t.  

Instagram:  @roastresscoops


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