Age of Sail

Throughout history sailors took to the seas in search of distant shores and in a similar sense, the folks of Glen Iris drifted towards the inner city for quality focused cafés. That was until Age of Sail opened at Stockland Tooronga Shopping Centre. They changed the long held belief that you couldn’t find specialty coffee in a shopping centre…. long before others made the move into these large establishments.

The name is a tribute to a period in history during which International trade was heavily controlled by sailing ships and lasted from the 16th to the 19th century. This time corresponds with extensive human migration and as luck would have it, the spread of coffee globally.

I was fortunate enough to be here back in 2015 when Age of Sail opened, and had the privilege of being the first customer for the La Lamarzocco Linea’s christening. Rather than breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne, I raised my cup to the prosperous launch and journey of this wonderful venture for Julien Moussi. It is a pleasure to return and see the space has not lost its charm and has anchored itself to the area.

Unique to Glen Iris, Age of Sail offers a standing room experience one would expect in the inner city. The fit out has a modern industrial feel with high exposed ceilings, black upholstered leaning booths, and is saturated in natural light-  thanks to the surrounding large windows. The elegant powder coated and brass finished Linea sits atop the concrete counter with timber panels.

Coffee is sourced from Veneziano, and I enjoyed a long black made from a Tanzanian Mshikamano microlot. Grown at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, this washed bourbon had sweet dried fruit notes.

All milk based coffee is made using Veneziano’s Estate blend, which is composed of carefully selected beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia. It provides a balanced cup, with a smooth milk chocolatey body, and sweet aftertaste.

They’ve recently updated their menu, and are now also offering the very trendy and exceptionally healthy Poke Bowls.  Standard favourites are still available, such as Bacon and Egg rolls with tasty cheese; Ham, Cheese and Tomato toasties; and Smashed Avocado with herb and lemon infused feta on sourdough.

Open weekdays, from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

Age of Sail

Shop T14
Stockland Tooronga Shopping Centre

1002 Crescent Rd

Glen Iris VIC 3146


















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