Devour Café (Adelaide)

I’m letting Adelaide’s cafe culture devour me, as much as I am devouring its goodness.

While on my Adelaide trip, I popped into the much loved Devour Café & Patisserie. This is the second of Quang Nguyen’s three ventures. Quang has been in hospitality since he left high school, and has also enjoyed being in the kitchen as a chef, as well as behind the espresso machine pulling shots. Interestingly, he recently teamed with his friend of 17 years, Heath Dalziel, to open ‘Third Time Lucky’ on Henley Beach Road. That’s not to say he’s not been lucky with Devour café, or his original dessert bar.  In actual fact, Quang outgrew his initial Devour dessert bar in Prospect, and three years ago decided to move to this Richmond location.

The vibe is very laid back, and reminds me of the sort of café you’d find in the backstreets of Brunswick (Victoria). The name speaks for itself- Those who visit will find themselves devouring some of the sweetest cakes, pastries, doughnuts, and macarons in town. There’s also the benefit of  sampling the brunch menu, which offers flavour rich Asian inspired dishes like the Bacon and Egg baos; Smashed avocado with chilli oil and coriander topped with fried shallots; and Karaage Chicken burgers. If you’re here for a dessert night, you’ll be spoilt for choice with donut sundaes, fried ice cream, Bombe Alaska, and Chocolate & Matcha Brulee.

My focus of course, was on the coffee. With their trusty 2 group Synesso, the team here run both a house blend and single origin option for espresso, and also offer batch brew. I opted for the Kenyan Kiminda, which is a double fermentation processed SL 28 & 34 varietal. What I love about this particular coffee is that it is produced by a coffee farmer who is a widow, and sells her coffee as a single estate lot, rather than placing her cherries into a co-op. The goodness from her diligence is evident in the cup. My espresso was highlighted by red fruit tones, and grape acidity.

You’ll find Devour not too far from the airport, at 52 Davenport Terrace, Richmond (South Australia).

Open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm, and 8am to 4pm on weekends.







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