My Kingdom for a Horse

“A horse a horse, my kingdom for a horse!”

A visit to Adelaide wouldn’t be complete without dropping in to see the team at My Kingdom for a Horse. I first came to this vibrant café a year ago, and remember thinking…. ‘with a name like this, the owners must be fans of a Shakespearean historical play, Richard III’.  I wasn’t mistaken – and the richness of the association between ‘famous quotes’ and what they wanted to achieve with their first café, is a reflection of their contribution to Adelaide’s growing café culture. Emily Raven and Rachel Mead opened this colourful venue back in September 2015, and decided to roast all coffee in-house on a 5 kilo Probat. Emily, a proficient chef and hospitality instructor, learned the ropes at roasting coffee with Peter Wolff; while her partner Rachel took the reins front of house in this 100 seater café.

The décor has a retro 1970s feel, with white walls serving as an ideal backdrop for the orange, red and yellow theme. This colour scheme creates warmth, whilst maintaining a lively vibe. Crisp white painted breezeblocks separate the roaster and kitchen from the dining area, adding to the vintage feel in this large open space.

One thing I noticed was the sense of community here. Customers seemed to be well acquainted with staff and were on a first name basis.  The coffee bar and venue is set out in a way that there are no barriers to hide behind and conversations flow as freely as the coffee from the La Marzocco Strada. Speaking of coffee, it’s not only sourced ethically, but it’s served honestly. One thing I always look for in a café, is a team who are happy to explain the different brew methods available and what to expect from the beans.  I was fortunate enough to have Amy brew me an Ethiopian ‘pour over’ using a washed Yirgacheffe from Beriti. This stunning filter brew was exactly as the cupping notes suggested. It had a delightful jasmine aroma, smooth body, and citrus highlights. The washed Guatemalan espresso was just as I’d expect from a Central American offering. It boasted a big chocolatey body and sweet finish.

The all-day menu is loaded with locally sourced ingredients, offering classics like French Toast with home-made honey comb; Avocado on Sourdough with fresh lemon; Shakshouka with chargrilled flat bread; Mac and Cheese; and Meatballs on top of Spaghetti. It’s great to see Adelaide café operators having the confidence to roast their own coffee, and not rely on interstate suppliers.

My Kingdom for a Horse proves that Adelaide can make its own mark on the Australian coffee scene, and do it with flair.

My Kingdom For A Horse 191 -195 Wright Street












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