STREAT’s  ‘Ghost the Roast’ workshop. 

‘Ghost the roast’ kicks off this month, so I dropped into STREAT at Cromwell St to attend the workshop. Streat is a social enterprise café / roastery / artisan bakery set in a white Victorian style manor that dates back to the 1800s.

FYI: All profits made at Streat go towards providing support and training for young people who are in need of such guidance and support.

Andrew Barrett manages the roasting side of the enterprise, and is at the helm of a 12kg Probat, and 30kg Petroncini roaster. Their green beans are sourced from the likes of Melbourne Coffee Merchants, and Café Imports; which puts them up there with the best of them in terms of quality. 

Andrew has put together an easy to follow roasting class to give those in the industry an idea about what goes on behind the scenes. The journey begins with green bean analysis, and how this important step helps determine how a bean should be roasted. For example, the denser a bean is, the more heat it will take to develop. We then moved on to the “Roast Curve”, and familiarised ourselves with the Cropster Software. Terms such as Rate of Rise, Development Ratio, and the difference between bean & environmental temperature were all explained.

The Probat L12 is a direct heat drum machine, which is used for filter roast.

The Petroncini machine is used for espresso roasting. It utilises indirect heat, and has a perforated drum.

I had the chance to roast one of the components of the STREAT blend- The Brazilian Bom Jesus, sourced from Minas Hill Coffee.  This naturally processed Mundo Nuovo varietal hails from the Alta Mogiana region of Sao Paulo, and contributes body and smoothness to the blend (Which is also composed of a Colombian Popayan, and an Ethiopian Kochere). Purchasing coffee from the likes of Minas Hill, authenticates the Streat ethos of ethical sourcing, consistency in quality, and respecting the producers. The goodness that ends up in every cup, has a rippling effect for all those involved at the farm. ‘

A huge thanks to Andrew for giving me the controls of this beast, and allowing me the opportunity to experience the Petroncini.




66 Cromwell Street











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