Monk Bodhi Dharma Goodness

“Be the kind of person you want to meet”


I’m sure many of you have been to Monk Bodhi Dharma, which is now in its seventh year of operation. This tiny brick building houses one of Melbourne’s much loved roasters, and a kitchen dishing up meals that are as nourishing for the body, as Zen was for the soul of the 5th century monk the café is named after. The name alone gives you a hint of things to come, and is also indicative of the business ethos of Marwin Shaw. If you’re a regular, you probably have met the ever welcoming Marwin, and shared a coffee with him. However, how many of you know of the extent of the generosity of this man? Through no fault of your own of course, simply because most of Marwin’s donations and acts of kindness go unseen. Its people like myself that ensure those acts will never go unnoticed. I recently learnt that Marwin opened the doors to his second café Admiral Cheng Ho on Christmas Day in 2016, and all money made went towards purchasing bikes for children in Brazil, where Marwin sources his coffee from. It’s taken me 6 months to learn of such an act of kindness, because this week marks the presentation of the bikes to the children by Minas Hill Coffee’s director Marcelo Brussi. You see, people like Marwin and Marcelo do good for a greater good. They don’t do it as an act of virtue signalling- their kindness is genuine, and heartfelt. I feel it’s important to share this knowledge with my followers, simply because I believe people like these to gentleman make the world a better place. It’s not only uplifting, but it inspires me to live a life of humility, not driven by personal gain, but by goodness for all.



Monk Bodhi Dharma

Rear, 202 Carlisle St











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