Huskee Cups

What would you say if I told you a cup was currently being created, which is made from coffee husks?
You’d want to test it, right?

Well that was my reaction when I heard about the revolutionary Huskee Cup. I’ve recently been thinking about sustainability, thanks to the ABC’s “war on waste”, so it was perfect timing to discover this reusable and sustainable vessel. It’s made purely of coffee husks and organic resin. Coffee husks have historically been thrown away during the drying phase of coffee production. The team at Huskee decided to put that waste product to good use, which benefits both the farmers and environment.

My trial of the cup is the first in Melbourne. Masa from The Kettle Black was more than happy to extract my short black into the cup, and he too was surprised by the fact that it’s made from parchment husks.

It’s ingeniously designed with fins for thermal dispersion, which meant I did not burn my fingers holding the cup, yet it maintained the heat within the cup. They are in working on lids for them, and if you’re wondering why tbey dont have handles…. its so they can be stacked more efficiently, thus saving space.




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