Black Magic, at Queensberry Pour House

Ever heard of the “Black Magic”?

Well it’s the Queensberry Pour House take on the hybrid brew that the Sanremo Racer espresso machine allows a barista to achieve. It’s basically the middle point between a long black, and a pour over. Some people can find the Long Black a little too strong, while some feel the Pour over has a weaker body. The Black Magic finds the sweet spot in the middle – permitting all those fruit driven flavours, while also maintaining a solid body- minus the bitterness of course.  Ben uses 15 grams of coffee ground to the size most suitable for a stovetop coffee, and extracts via the Racer at 3 bar pressure.

I was indulged with a naturally processed Rwandan, from the Remera washing station. This red bourbon lot was grown in the Nyamagabe District, at altitudes up to 2100 metres above sea level.

 As a “Black Magic”, it’s pure joy. If you like stewed strawberries, then you’ll love this cup. It’s super clean, and the natural sweetness is exceptional.



Queensberry Pour House

210 Queensberry Street

Carlton 3053







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