Terror Twilight

Bedford Street underwent some transformations recently, and is now known as Terror Twilight.

It seems Hootan Heydari and Jono Hill decided it was time they turn the Johnston Street all day diner into a health conscious café with food that’s not only food for you, but good to eat. The only remnant from the old Bedford Street name is the House Blend that pours through the Customised La Marzocco Linea, which has been mellowed by soft pink tones.

Much like Hootan and Jono’s roastery Wide Open Road, Terror Twilight takes its name from a 1990’s album by indie rock band Pavement. The venue itself has been revived by the addition of natural elements, such as timber panels along the front bar, and scattered greenery. Warm sunshine streams in through the large surrounding windows, and I was pleased to see the vintage light fittings remain in place, as well as the upholstered booths covered with a deep red fabric.

FYI- if you think the retro window that separates the kitchen from the front counter looks familiar, that’s because it’s sourced from the same factory that the interior windows surrounding Wide Open Roads roastery hail from.

Food wise, they’ve done away with the fried chicken and waffles, and now offer nourishing options, and build your owl Broth and Bowls. There are the usual favourites, such as Smashed Avocado, and Eggs your way, but the menu takes a more nutritious approach.  I was fascinated by the extent to such an approach- especially when I noticed the option of “Upgrades” for filter brew coffee and smoothies. You can boost your brew with blends composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cordyceps, Chaga Mushrooms, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, and Taurine. It felt like I as visiting my naturopath. I spoke with manager, Dylan Hewitt, who discussed his passion for health, and sustainability. It makes sense that Dylan is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, and shows that the menu is reflective of his lifestyle principles, rather than a disingenuous fad. Much like Wide Open Roads coffee, the approach at Terror Twilight is honest, transparent, and driven by quality.

I enjoyed a warm filter brew made from the Bedford Street Blend.  Composed of a natural Brazilian and a washed Kenyan lot, this blend made for a balanced cup, with toffee and soft raisin tones.


Terror Twilight

11 – 13 Johnston Street











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