Everyday Midtown

When in the CBD, a trip to
Midtown, the sister café to Collingwood’s Everyday Coffee, is a must. You’ll
find them on Little Collins Street, just a stone’s throw from Swanston Street.

Its consistently good coffee, day
in day out, every day- in the middle of town.  Hence the name. The space is limited and
simply comprised of plywood, polished concrete, and all the right coffee gear
to get your brew on. While there is an obvious lack of tables and chairs, it
does allow for flow and ample bench seating along the front window.  

I was fortunate enough to have
Karen brew me a Kenyan pour over. I remember this lovely lady back when she was
working at The Abbotsford Club, and her passion for coffee has only grown over
the years. It’s evident in her executive and attitude. Karen was more than
happy to have a chat about the coffee, which is a quality I appreciate in
baristas who are working in such fast paced environments. It’s easy to overlook
the little things, but it takes effort to make a lasting impression.

The Kenyan Kiunyu was everything
I expected, and more. Huge grapefruit and blackcurrant tones, and that sweet
finish I adore in these juicy SL34 Kenyans. The Everyday Coffee team are roasting
their singles at the Bureaux Collective,
 and its testament to the quality control at this shared workspace for
likeminded roasters.

Everyday Midtown

213 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000


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