Morning made easy, thanks to the Moccamaster Cup-One.

As many may have already realised, my Nonna is an important figure in my life. Sharing a morning coffee with her is one of the most cherished simple pleasures. For so many years, she would put the “Cafetera” on, and we would share our thoughts while sipping on her carefully made ‘caffe’. Several years ago, she even learned to brew pour overs with a v60 cone, because Nonna being Nonna- was keen to give anything a go…. especially if it’s something her granddaughter treasures. That’s the thing about my Nonna- she’s always been one to give anything a go. Back in the 90s one of the kids even managed to get her on that Wild Wild West Ride at Movieworld in Queensland. Asides from realising how much of a carefree soul she was deep inside, it taught me a lot about life, and about not letting fear get in the way of living. Rather, this incredible lady always seemed to exude an innate confidence in her own ability. Lately her health has deteriorated, and sadly she has lost strength in her arms. She’s no longer able to do even the simplest of tasks that once defined her. I’ve yet to hear her complain about it though, but it is evident in her eyes that there is an element of discomfort- both physically and emotionally, and grief for the simple ability to do what once came naturally. After all, we humans need to have a sense of purpose, and meaning. As the years pass, this becomes more of a struggle. Not just for my Nonna, but for all those fortunate enough to reach their 80s. However, despite her limitations, she still wants to “Make the caffe” – and be of use. It would be offensive to deny her the dignity of making me a coffee. 

So, to address this issue,we now use a Moccamaster Cup One. I pre fill the machine with water, and nonna places the ground coffee into the filter basket, and simply turns the switch to on. I get to enjoy that simple pleasure with her, and she gets the satisfaction of knowing she made me a coffee. What’s most beautiful thing about this experience is her reaction to the Moccamaster. True to form, Nonna was in awe of the technology, and commented on how fortunate she was to live to see such a miracle. Yes, in her eyes everything is a miracle. This is a special quality I have always loved about her, and have tried to adopt throughout my life. This gentle soul always sees everything from such a positive perspective. Despite all the heartache in her life, she has never become bitter. Much like the coffee in our cup. Funnily enough, she commented on how the coffee was free from such astringency, which she usually counters with sugar. This is the joy of filter coffee. The machine controls all those important variables, and all we need to do is ensure the beans selected are to our liking.


I must thank Lars and Josephine of Nord Coffee, who distribute these machines in Australia. It’s thanks to them that we can savour our moments of happiness together, with coffee that’s consistently brewed with such ease. It means Nonna still has a sense of accomplishment and purpose, and anything that makes this beautiful soul feel a sense of pride, is a god-send in my eyes. 


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