Standing Room

Melbourne Central was my hang out spot while studying at
RMIT. Back then, we didn’t have the luxury of specialty coffee within meters of campus. These days, students are spoilt by choice.  

“Standing Room” is exactly that- a standing
room only coffee bar, for those in need of a decent hit of caffeine. It’s been open
for over a year now, and Five Senses coffee flows from the Synesso MVP 7 days a
week. The space is tiny, but functional, and offers both espresso and batch
brew options. 

I was elated to see coffee from The Long Mile Project on the menu. Being a naturally processed Burundi coffee, the Nkonge Hill is loaded
with sweet molasses tones, and hints of stone fruit.
It’s fantastic to see the hard work of Ben and Kristy
Carlson has resulted in such great coffee.



Standing Room

Melbourne Central 

211 La Trobe Street



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