Sonido screams happiness. This small yet vibrant cafe features a colourful interior, with retro furniture, and traditional Colombian paraphernalia that includes a statue of Baby Jesus and Mother Mary. Located on Fitzroy’s hip Gertrude Street, this seven year old cafe was opened by a Colombian couple that brought their culture to Melbourne’s cafe scene. The moment you enter Sonido you are serenaded by old school South American music, thanks to the vintage vinyl records spinning on the technics turntable. Appropriate since Sonido is Spanish for sound.

The menu focuses on traditional South American food fare, from Empanadas, through to Arepas. Breakfast features Huevos Pericos Arepa, which are Scrambled free range eggs with spring onions & tomato on a thin and crispy arepa, and Ropa Veija Arepa, which is “Old Clothes” Beef made from a secret Cuban recipe that Fidel cannot find out about. Sweets include Portuguese Custard Tarts, Raspberry brownies, and Arequipe or Bpcadillo con Queso, which is Caramel or Guava with Fresco Cheese.

I was happy to see Wood & Co Coffee now on the menu, with their Twin Peaks blend in the hopper.  Its made up of beans from  El Miridiano in Colombia, and an Ethiopian Konga; and tastes like chocolate fudge brownies.



69 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC 3065








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  1. I live your reviews as always. Get onto Zomato 🙂


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