A Thousand Blessings

The greatest gift of all, is to be a ‘blessing.’

In the case of Evelyn and Phoebe, they are ‘A Thousand Blessings’. It’s almost 10 years since the mother/daughter duo opened their doors in this Richmond Street, and they’ve obviously been blessed with the gift of longevity. They lead by example, and have created an atmosphere were staff feel a sense of pride to represent the name, and locals remain steadfast regulars. It’s hard not to have an affinity for a café with a name inspired by its owner’s gratitude to those who bring goodness and inspiration into her life. In a sense, A Thousand Blessings is all about giving, and receiving. With every coffee, dish, and smile that is delivered – gratitude is received; and that’s a gift in and of itself.

This integrity filters through to the baristas, especially head barista Teddy, who has been with the team for 5 years. He doesn’t see ‘A Thousand Blessings’ as a workplace, it’s more like a home. Teddy’s yearning to develop and constantly fine tune his craft is admirable.  What’s more, he appreciates those who have mentored him, and gives them credit for where he is today. This humble attitude is exactly what coffee is about. Teddy has gained a deeper connection with fellow professionals in the industry, as well as the community he makes coffee for daily. His job isn’t just about extracting coffee- it’s about helping a person start their day with, – well, a blessing.

Gabby recently joined the team, and he is Teddy’s right hand man behind the Synesso MVP. They both continue to learn together through experimentation, and are clearly an inspiration for each other. You just have to see them work at peak hour- the smoothness in execution had me in awe.

I was presented with a Kenyan Gikirima espresso, roasted by Code Black in Brunswick. This bright AA grade lot had citrus acidity, and rich blackcurrant tones.

The blessings flow daily at 251 Highett Street Richmond; and the locals have welcomed this godsend café, just as much as it welcomes them.  





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