Neck of the Woods

While in Geelong, I paid a visit to ‘Neck of the Woods’ café, which is the second venture for husband and wife duo (Greg and Georgie Matheson) who brought Fuel to Geelong- literally and figuratively. Neck of the Woods is located just down the road from the Geelong hospital, which is where Greg conceived of the café’s name, whilst his wife gave birth to their first child. In dire need of a coffee, Greg asked a nurse if there was a café in this “Neck of the woods”. Unfortunately the area was café barren, so when this space became available, the name was as pertinent as the café itself.

‘Neck of the Woods’ exudes style, which you would expect from Georgie, who is an interior designer. Her attention to detail is outstanding. It’s classy without compromising comfort, and the clean open space has been consecrated by a large front window allowing an abundance of sunlight to flow through. With its Scandinavian flair, and striking Christopher Boot light feature in the form of Branch Chain Amino Acids, ‘Neck of the Woods’ stands out from the crowd.

The menu is as fresh as the fit out, with ‘all day breakfast options’ like Pure Paleo organic granola with house made compote; Panini toasties; as well as seasonal salads.

Coffee is roasted by Campos, and both a house blend and single origin are available. Much like the building blocks of life represented in the Christopher Boot light above the La Marzocco Linea PB, the coffee is the cafes building blocks. Their house blend is the Campos superior, which has a solid body perfect for milk based coffee. My espresso was made using the Colombian Huila Del Monte, which is a washed processed mixed varietal from the Southern region. It was rich, with sweet toffee tones and a generous body.


Neck of the woods
136 Meyers St
Geelong VIC 3220










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