Four Pals Coffee


It was such a pleasure to meet Wes Hendricks- one of the members of ‘Four Pals’ . Wes met his friends Cam, Tyson, and Jordon while studying in Sydney. They all worked for a Not for Profit café, where they developed their love for coffee, and people. I could sense from this first encounter that relationships were the essential element in the ‘Four Pals’ journey. Wes forged a strong link with Tony from Maillard Atelier, after meeting through Ben of Tinman Coffee. He undertook their roasting course then soon after – ‘Four Pals Coffee Roasters’ was born. Wes spoke with a passion that was undeniable, he attributed so much of his growth to past employees, such as ‘Queensberry Pour House’.

I was treated to a Kenyan Kahuro pour over, which Wes brewed with finesse, and a whole-hearted confidence that I venerate in baristas. An awareness of the constantly evolving nature of coffee, plus the multitude of origins/ varietals/processing methods has held the ‘Four Pals’ in good stead.

The pour over was just what you would expect from a Kenyan coffee- sweet, purple fruit tones, and chocolate on the finish.

With a focus on building solid relationships, and the relentless pursuit of delivering great coffee, the ‘Four Pals’ are well on their way to making their mark on Melbourne’s coffee scene. They’ve fed their faith, and it is breathing life into their venture, which we all will reap the benefits of, as coffee consumers and enthusiasts.









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