Fifteen Pounds


Just across from Fairfield station sits a popular café, with a strong focus on coffee. The meaning behind the name, Fifteen Pounds, is a nod to the traditionally held ideal amount of pressure required when tamping ground coffee into the portafilter basket. You only have to peer through the front window and see the Chemex, Hario brewers, cold drip tower, and brand new Linea PB to appreciate the extent to which owner John Kanellakos and his team have gone to, in their quest to bring the best out of the Campos coffee they serve.

The café itself has a country cottage feel, with copiousness timber features, and native Australian plant life. The walls behind the counter are lined with wooden crates filled with fresh fruit, while the dining section walls are adorned with old tree branches reminding me of the enduring strength of nature.

Speaking of endurance, the array of coffee options to select from, are sure to get you going for the day, while also pleasing the palate. The Superior Blend from Campos is used for all milk based espressos, giving a rich cup with balanced sweetness, and a smooth finish. Single Origin beans are available for all black options, from espresso, cold drip,  pour overs, right through to the trusty batch brew.

I couldn’t knock back a Kenyan Tchakakhani Filter brew, from the Ruera Estate in the South Central Region. It’s the quintessential Kenyan SL28/SL34 washed varietal, with juicy blackcurrant notes, and hints of grapefruit.

If you’re coming for a feed, they’ve got some wholesome dishes loaded with organic produce to nourish the body and soul. The French toast is served with hot nuts and seeds cooked in coconut oil; and the Chicken and Pumpkin Salad is made with free range chicken, kale, and garlic milk. Flavour infused Japanese Omelettes are also available, as is the half Pound Angus beef Burger; and Slow Cooked Smoky Beef Brisket on a Turkish Roll with sesame butter.

‘15 Pounds’. Worth its weight in gold.



Fifteen Pounds

21-23 Railway Place












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