Faith , Coffee, and the Force Tamper 

While the dawn was still dark, we put the Force Tamp to the test, while extracting liquid gold from the Riverdale Estate naturally processed lot.

For the record, the Force Tamp is an adjustable pressure punch tamper with automatic levelling, a similar punch action to an automatic centre punch. Pressed against the coffee bed, energy is stored in the tamp, which is then released as an impulse, compressing the coffee with metered
This pressure is consistent every time the Force Tamper is used, and can be
repeated without the need for physical exertion. Paired with the EK43 grinder,
and Slayer espresso machine, it unveiled the beauty within Riverdale’s coffee.


Thanks to Nathan at Cartel, I managed to get my hands on a bag of that incredible naturally processed Indian coffee I first experienced last week. The only difference being, this lot underwent a 72 hour controlled fermentation process, prior to being sundried in a thin layer. Once the outer layer of the cherries were sealed, they were then moved onto raised beds to slow the drying process, which took up to 30 days.  As I
have previously admitted, Indian coffee has not general been my coffee of choice, but Riverdale Estate has completely changed my outlook.


As an espresso, it had rich tropical tones, with hints of spice and chocolate on the finish. When you have all the right tools to prepare an espresso, you really can do the inherent characteristics on the beans justice.


Faith …. Forever making things possible.





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