Moccamaster appreciation

“Appreciate the now….. rather than focusing on how far you have to go”
I’ve recently felt an unrelenting need to remind myself how precious life is, and how important it is to appreciate the most simplest of things, in the now. A genuine smile from the barista that made my coffee, the warmth of an embrace, and the nourishing feeling when taking a deep breath of fresh air (even if its only 9 chilly degrees). It may be age catching up on me, or the realisation that life won’t always go as planned- but these thoughts of appreciation seem more important with each day that passes.

So today I am appreciating the simplicity that a Moccamaster allows. Having recently acquired my own One Cup Moccamaster, I was able to personally experience its benefits. As did my nonna, who remains in awe of its capacity to brew coffee within minutes. While taking some time out in Carlton, I stopped to capture the customised Campos Moccamaster. Green has always been a colour I associate with nature, balance, and harmony. Coincidently, these are qualities I love in my coffee- a balance cup that’s refreshing, which the act of consuming is such a harmonious experience.





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