Minas Hill Apas Coffee

“Of all the paths you travel in life…. Make sure a few are off the beaten track”.

I went off the beaten track, and found a hidden gem serving a coffee I’ve been longing to try from the Association of Producers from Alto da Serra (APAS), which is brought to Australia via Minas Hill.


APAS is located in southern Minas Gerais, which is a region renowned for its ideal coffee growing climate, rich soils, and altitudes up to 1300 meters above sea level. Thirty six producers make up the associated, and they have been working with Minas Hill Coffee for almost 5 years now. It’s a partnership that sees around 100 bags of quality naturally processed coffee reach coffee enthusiasts globally. What’s more, APAS is committed to social and environmental responsibility, nurturing all 7 exclusive micro-lots, including Sitio Aparecida.

While taking a break down in Dromana, I managed to find a boutique coffee roastery that sources Brazilian coffee from Minas Hill. ‘Little Rebel’ is off the beaten track, in an industrial part of this bayside suburb at the foot of Arthurs Seat. Peter and Trish Roberts revamped this former furniture factory into a roastery back in 2012, after having run popular peninsula cafes like Via Batista. The team here sees roasters as the transparent link in the coffee chain, responsible for showcasing the farmer’s devotion and hard work. It’s a humble attitude, and it’s reflected in the cup.

Paired with an unfaltering Roastmax roaster, Peter brought the best out of the Sitio Aparecida beans. The owner of the farm where this naturally processed lot dawns from is Sergio Borges, and he grows the Yellow Catuai varietal using tried and tested agricultural practices that are certified by Minas Café and Fair trade.  No pesticides are used at the farm, and they practice selective harvesting, to ensure quality.

In the cup, the Sitio Apaerecida had a sweet cherry ripe like aroma, and a smooth body that was highlighted by red fruit tones.

It’s wonderful to find such a unique Brazilian coffee in the backstreets of Dromana, sourced from Brazilian farmers that live and breathe coffee. Respecting the provenance of the coffee I consume is such an important part of my journey.  Passion drives farmers in their quest to provide us all with quality coffee, and it’s this same passion that attracted Peter and Trish Roberts to coffee from Minas Hill. It’s a partnership motivated by a compelling need to preserve sustainability at origin, and driven by an appreciation for goodness.

Its testament to the notion- Alone we can do little, together we can do much.

More about Minas Hill:   http://www.minashill.com.au



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